What is the Difference Between a Barber & Hairdresser?


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Considering the strong influence external appearances have today, It comes to no surprise that both women and men are investing lots of cash into enhancing them. The hair industry, in particular, is thriving and counting in billions of dollars every year. Whether for high-end hair products or hair styling and enhancing services, people are willing to spend the required cash. Some may say that it is worth it, while others may bash the idea. One thing is for sure though – there is no way of questioning success!

If you have ever been to a professional hairdresser or barber, then you are surely aware of the strong boost in confidence it provides. Not only does your hair look much better after a hair-care session, but it also feels great and adds to your overall attractiveness. One can not invest in all other parts of the body and neglect his or her her, since our hair is what projects the most when we are initially looked at.

Barber & Hairdresser Differences

Are you aware of what separates a hairdresser and a barber? This is a topic that is often misunderstood.

Many people tend to confuse the two and believe they serve the same exact purpose. While both professions serve your hair, each has its own particularities that must be understood.

Barbers specialise in cutting hair of men, both on their heads and often on their faces. Traditionally, a barber would offer expert shave of the neck and face. Though, just like the snap-brim hat and waistcoat, barbers have largely seen this role fade to obscurity. Nevertheless, one may still find a barber that offers a wide variety of cuts, these included.

History of Barbers

The modern-time barber belongs to the ancient vocation, whose initial beginnings go back to at least 3500 BC in the land of Egypt. That is, in fact, more than five thousand years ago – definitely many haircuts have been performed since.

In the Middle Ages, most barbers also acted as surgeons and dentists, performing small medical procedures, along with treating illnesses. The white and red barber’s pole started as a specific apparatus that held leeches that were used to draw human blood out of the body.

Barbers as we know them today train in cutting men’s hair and often don’t receive the various expansive training processes of texturing, colouring, or otherwise altering chemically the hair which hairstylists do perform. Barbers are not necessarily less skilled than hairstylists and hairdressers. Just like doctors specialise in one main system of the body, barbers get trained and retained to manage men’s hair, together with all of its weird adjustments and tendencies.

Hairdressers and stylists, on the other hand, are specialised in crafting new beautiful arrangements and looks for the client’s hair. They know everything about hair design and are constantly up-to-date with all of the new hairstyling trends and products.

what is the difference between a barber and hairdresser

Choosing whether to go for a barber or a hairdresser highly depends on where you feel they’ll meet your requirements and make you feel most comfortable. There is no doubting the fact that a hairdresser is much more skilled when it comes to haircuts and hairstyling than a barber. Unlike hairdressers, barbers usually deal with more simple and standard hair work, which usually takes much less time than high-end haircuts and hairstyles. In addition, you if prefer a hairstyle that requires artificial enhancements, such as perm and highlights, then hairdressers are definitely the way to go.

Hairdressers At Runway Salone

Runway Salone is not a barber, Runway is quite a young and talented Sydney Hairdressing Salon, which has been voted as the leading hairdresser in Parramatta and Fairfield. They invent fresh new hairstyle trends,inspired by the new looks from various fashion catwalks, thus providing their clients with the #1 hairstyles in the region and a personal look.

Their group is exceptionally dedicated to giving a friendly, yet professional service, ensuring that clients receive top service in Sydney by one of their skilled hairdressers. As a bonus, their hair salon has been renovated recently, welcoming clients to a sophisticated black & white look.

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