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As the new season has arrived, it’s about time we find some new short hairstyles ideas in Sydney for a new fresh look. Whether you are already enjoying short hair or are planning to put on a new look by cutting that long hair you’ve had for a while, you’ll be absolutely amazed at how fresh the new short hairstyles ideas will make you feel.

We may not have the time for it, but from time to time, we all require a bit of change in order to add some extra spice to our lives. Certain people go on vacation, while others renovate their homes, and some just like to enjoy short hairstyles ideas as a fun new hairdo when a new season arrives.

Why Short Hairstyles?

One of the primary advantages of having short hairstyles is the fact that they are very easy to take care of and maintain. The chances of maintaining your hair in good condition is far better with short hairstyles in Parramatta, as they are more vibrant and younger-looking. However, an easier life is not the only reason to go for short hairstyles, short haircuts are also at the forefront of beauty and fashion trends, as many celebrities indicate.

In recent years alone we’ve witnessed celebrities like Nicole Richie, Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Sienna Miller walk the red carpet with beautiful short hairstyles.

When looking for new short hairstyles in Sydney, you can ask the Runway Salone hairdresser for ideas.

Plus, if you’ve got a picture of somebody’s hairstyle you like, they can definitely implement it on your hair and make it your own. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

The Shag Haircut –

Think about Brittany Murphy, this specific hairstyle is particularly popular with young women. The look is modern, funky and fresh and fits perfect with confident women. The shag haircut includes various layers that are cut into you hair, which can be accentuated via additional texture like wax and pomade.

The Crop Haircut –

We can use Victoria Beckham as an example. It’s definitely a huge step to cut your hair so short. Though, if Mrs. Beckham could, then you can as well. This crop looks best when messy and textured.

The Pixie Haircut –

Only Halle Berry can serve as this haircut example. The pixie cut is extremely classic, and is a huge transformation if going to from long hair. If you pride in your specific facial features, then a pixie cut can emphasise them.


short hairstyle ideas

The Sedu Haircut –

These types of short hairstyles basically mean straightened hair which is soft and sleek in appearance. Katie Holmes has taken advantage of this style and has made it classic but modern enough.

“Old Is Gold”

Just because you are growing older doesn’t mean that you are immune to haircuts and short hairstyles.

Women are without a doubt the most beautiful and adored creatures the world has to offer. Whether young or old, they are definitely always the center of attraction. Hairstyles are extremely pivotal for the hair and overall appearance. The same everyday hairdo ultimately makes you feel and look boring and dull which is why it is good to get new short hairstyles ideas. The same goes for older women. The famous saying “old is gold” is surely true. Old women possess their own allure and grace.

Beautiful Short Hairstyles Ideas At Runway Salone

Runway Salone is a very young and skilled Hairdressing Salon in Liverpool, and has been chosen as the #1 hairdresser in Sydney & Liverpool. They create fresh new trends which have been inspired by the newest looks from the various fashion catwalks, thereby providing clients optimal short hairstyles in Parramatta and a uniquely personal look.

Runway Salone holds a wide variety of top hair-care products, which are owned exclusively by them.

They often use of and sell the best brands in the industry like Ecoheads, Kevin Murphy, Eleven Australia, and many other. They use these products in order to uniquely design your own personal short hairstyle designs.

Their team is always dedicated to providing clients a friendly, yet professional service, making sure that everyone receives the best short hairstyles in Sydney experience by one of their professional and qualified hairdresser. Furthermore, their special salon has been recently renovated, thus allowing you to experience a sophisticated black & white look.

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