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Everybody loves to feel different and unique from other people. People take on different styles when they dress up and some even color their hair in their favorite colors if they want to. It’s undeniably true that whatever direction you turn your head towards, you see people having dyed hair into red, pink, a hue of green and the list goes on.

For starters, it is quite difficult to decide what color to choose for your hair. Other than costly, you tend to be careful on choosing the right color for your hair as it would be clinging to our heads in awhile. A scary thing to imagine if something would go wrong, right? Many gals would go to the next level and decide to go for the color platinum blonde like Marilyn Monroe. Sadly, it turns out they’d look like an old grandma of the 70s.

That’s why many people turn to ombre highlights. Ombre highlights give you an opportunity to experiment with the appropriate hair color for your hair before going full on. It would not only be best when you’re trying to play it safe but is also hassle free in terms of its maintenance.


Why Choose Ombre Highlights?

Ombre is the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. This technique was used for styling textiles like fabric and was gradually adopted to hair coloring in the 21st century. It has expanded to take on various other techniques, including the fading of a natural color from the roots to a more unnatural color (such as turquoise or lavender) at the tips. It suits any kinds of hairstyle you go for.

However, remember that a new look comes great responsibility. You would still need to take care of your hair to maintain its silkiness using the appropriate products for your hair to repair the damage done to your hair and keep the color looking its best.

One of the primary advantages of having ombre hair dye is the fact that they are very easy to take care of and maintain. The chances of maintaining your hair in good condition are far better here in Runway Salone, as they result to be more vibrant and younger-looking. However, an easier life is not the only reason to go for ombre highlight, ombre highlights are  at the forefront of beauty and fashion trends, as many celebrities indicate. It is a trend with no signs of disappearing.

In recent years alone, we’ve witnessed celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore and even Jared Leto walking on the red carpet with their hairs dip dyed to an ombre perfection. If you can, think outside the box and make yours especially you!

When looking for someone to choose the right ombre hair color, you can ask the Runway Salone hairdresser for ideas.

Plus, if you’ve got a picture of somebody’s hairstyle you like, they can definitely implement it on your hair and make it your own. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Mermaid Ombre 

As shown by Britney Spears in 2015, this hair color is classified by a natural blonde that turns into blue, green and purple at the ends. Girls who have a ton of fun and look fabulous in a cool, pale tones look great adding this teal ombre. Hair that is strong enough to be lightened to a light blonde is best.

Contrasting Ombre 

Dark to intense light creates a bold statement in this contrasting color. This look is perfect for the fashion forward diva who isn’t afraid to draw attention to herself like Vanessa Hudgens!


Ombre highlight ideas

Pink Ribbons

Demi Lovato totally rocked this look. One of the hottest trends within the ombre trend is to add bright vivid colors! Blonde looks amazing with ribbons of pink twisted within beautiful curls. Not a pink fan? Try lavender, mint green, coral, baby blue or pale yellow.

Reverse Ombre

Nobody can definitely beat the Queen with this one. Adding a warm brown transition from bright blonde keeps the lightness around your face and gives you an edgy look that turns heads at every bend. Reversing the ombre also conceals damage on ends of over-lightened hair and makes it appear thicker and smoother.

Hairstyles are extremely pivotal for the hair and overall appearance. The same everyday hairdo ultimately makes you feel and look boring and dull which is why it is good to get new hairstyle ideas. The same goes for men.


Beautiful Ombre Hair Color Ideas At Runway Salone

Runway Salone is a very young and skilled Hairdressing Salon in Liverpool, and has been chosen as the #1 hairdresser in Sydney & Liverpool. They create fresh new trends which have been inspired by the newest looks from the various fashion catwalks, thereby providing clients optimal ombre hairstyles and providing uniquely personal look.

Runway Salone holds a wide variety of top hair-care products, which are owned exclusively by them.

They often use of and sell the best brands in the industry like Ecoheads, Kevin Murphy, Eleven Australia, and many other. They use these products in order to uniquely design your own personal preference for your hair.

Their team is always dedicated to providing clients a friendly, yet professional service, making sure that everyone receives the best ombre hairstyles in Sydney experience by one of their professional and qualified hairdresser. Furthermore, their special salon has been recently renovated, thus allowing you to experience a sophisticated black & white look.

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